It is my immense pleasure to recommend Elizabeth Thamer as a real estate professional for any individual or family considering a move. My husband and I were in love with our small two-bedroom cottage until the birth of our twins. Once they became toddlers, it was clear we needed a larger home! Our first call was Elizabeth, as she had previously represented my in-laws and many acquaintances. Elizabeth sold our home in record time during an economic recession. She took the time to understand our specific needs and budgetary limitations for our next purchase, but it was also very important for her to understand what made us “tick” so that she knew what a good match would look like. She is well networked, resourceful, a master negotiator and relentless in her mission to win for her clients. At the same time, she is kind, ethical and honest -- she was never afraid to tell us “NO” in order to protect us from a bad emotional decision. We have spent the last decade in a wonderful, unique home that has suited us beautifully. Now that we are considering a move to South Orange County, I am certain Elizabeth will pull another miracle out of her bag.

Tricia Jefferies