"My wife and I would like to take a moment to thank Elizabeth Thamer for everything she has done for us. Elizabeth has handled 3 separate transactions for our family. A purchase, sale and another purchase. We moved to the Newport/Mesa area a little over 10 years ago. We moved from a small town in Canada and had never gone through the process of buying a home….we built the only home we’ve owned. When we felt we were ready to start looking at homes a number of close friends recommended we speak to Elizabeth. As you can imagine moving from a small town in Canada to Newport Beach California is a shock to say the least. But moving from the real estate market of Small Town Canada to the real estate market of Southern California is downright frightening. After speaking with her for the 1st time we couldn’t have felt more comfortable. She was the person we were looking for, and frankly, the person we needed. Elizabeth brings a calmness to, what can sometimes be, a very emotional process. As I said earlier we’ve been through 3 “transactions” with her and each one was different. There isn’t anyone I’ve met who knows the market better than her. She is always well prepared and extremely thoughtful when providing advice/guidance. But above all else, why we wanted Elizabeth to represent us, we knew she had our best interest at heart. I could not recommend her more!"

Marnie and Sean Pronger