"It is my great pleasure to be able to recommend Ms. Elizabeth Thamer an an exceptionally professional Realtor. I had the opportunity to work with her over the past year on two very special property sales, that were not only “high-end” in value, but involved high personal and emotional attachment. Elizabeth is honest, hard-working, resourceful and completely professional at all times. In the business of buying and selling houses, she understands that often a property is not just a building, but a home that has memories and attachements to a family, sometimes over several generations. This was the case of our home, which we put on the market after 55 years of living there. Impounded in our situation, as often happens in these cases, was the illness of my mother, and the usual challenges of care-taking a loved one who is dying or ill. At all times Elizabeth’s demeanor was understanding and patient, offering solid advice on timing and co-ordination the listings. We in fact ended up selling two properties, each of which were sold in record time, (offers coming in back to back within days of the listing going public.) Thanks to Elizabeth’s great insight and instinct, she was able to play one comp off the next, bringing the selling price on these unique waterfront homes to a record for Newport Beach. (small lots, with “tear-down” houses, each selling for $1.7 and more). Ms. Thamer was ready at the phone no matter the time of day or night, to guide me in all stages of the decision making process. She has an extremely calm head with a lawyer’s brain and a gracious demeanor, a great combination to make everyone involved in the process feel they are well taken care of. And they are. Please feel free to contact me personally if there are any questions I might be able to answer on her behalf."

Barbara Benish